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Full-speed fibre optic

Secure, robust and rapid, fibre optic constitutes the most reliable data transport system to support your company’s growth. With unlimited-transfer Internet connections, guaranteed bandwidth to the Internet and a congestion-free, net-neutral backbone, our fibre optic Internet service for businesses is without question the most advantageous and top-performing service on the market.

Delivered with Carrier Ethernet 1Gbps full-duplex technology or 10Gbps as required, allowing for increasing capacity on demand.

With more than 2000 buildings already connected to fibre optic and immediate access to 8000 others near the network, our installation times are among the shortest in the industry.

Certified Network Operations Center (NOC) specialists answer your requests at any time and provide you with support if you have a problem, with no escalation or time loss.

100% speed-dedicated, 99.9% Packet Success Rate on the network, 4-hr. MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), 15‑min. MTTr (Mean Time to Respond) for any incident.


We are simply the dominant fibre carrier in Montreal. Our network covers the entire city and allows for diversity in many buildings across town.

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Our customers in Quebec are served both in French and English. We bring the global Internet backbone locally to Quebec City.

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Fibrenoire is the only independant fibre network in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and our network is expending very fast.

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We operate out of 151 Front Street and we reach out to the Greater Toronto Area through our partner networks.

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Our network-to-network interconnections with over a hundred carriers reach out to your sites anywhere on the globe.

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Peak efficiency

  • Our Internet backbone connects redundantly to multiple TIER 1 carriers, including four of the five largest global networks, according to Dyn Research*
  • Our Internet bandwidth is dedicated and guaranteed
  • Our Internet backbone network is unfiltered and congestion-free

Guarantees and service

  • We maintain direct peering connections with more than 400 other networks, including Google, Akamai, CBC/Radio-Canada, Torix, RISQ and other Content Delivery Networks
  • More than 200Gbps of aggregate Internet capacity on multiple geographically distributed 10GE interfaces

Installateur ou fournisseur

NorthWind Wireless

Since switching to Fibrenoire a few years ago, we have nothing but good things to say about this company and the service that they provide. From the initial contact, our requests were handled very quickly and we negotiated a much better deal that we had with our previous partner. Since then, any ser...
Ian W Stewart, Co-Founder & Director/ Read more


Grande entreprise

Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu

Nous sommes client de Fibrenoire depuis quelques années et nous utilisons leurs services pour différents besoins tels que lien Internet et l’entretien de nos fibres optiques. Nous sommes très satisfaits de cette entreprise et n’hésitons pas à les recommander.
André Labonté, Directeur TI