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Quebec City Fibre Optic Internet provider

One of Québec’s largest Internet backbone networks – in Québec City.

Our competitive advantage: Unlike its local competitors, Fibrenoire provides, in the Québec City area, more than 40Gbps of Internet capacity, carrying, via its network, IP traffic to our international TIER 1 transits. Fewer intermediaries, higher performance.  

More specifically for Québec City:

  • We connect our Québec City customers directly to the leading global networks, with no intermediaries;
  • Unequalled delivery times in this market despite the construction challenges specific to Québec City;
  • Honest and transparent project management approach: our customers always know which fibre optic local loop provider we’re connecting them to;
  • Ultraspecialized customer service in impeccable French;
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) run by passionate and professional certified networks specialists who are true geeks;

Our network is:

  • More than 45,000 km of optic fibre in Québec and Ontario
  • A 100% Cisco IP NGN MPLS backbone network
  • One of Canada’s leading Internet backbone with over 200Gbps of aggregated capacity
  • More than 500 peering sessions
  • An IPv4 and IPv6 native network infrastructure


  • A legacy-free network
  • An IP MPLS backbone network providing advanced traffic engineering functionalities, rapid return to service in the event of a breakdown and the capacity to consolidate the transmission of multiple types of data
  • A 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) with certified network specialists

With our business solutions, you’ll be the quickest in business.

Besides the fact we’re the planet’s friendliest fibre optics geeks, our consulting engineering approach ensures excellent service to companies that do business with us. From project delivery to 24/7 technical support, our business solutions simplify life for you.

Why do business with us?

Creating an ecosystem of partners,
that’s our style.