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Fibrenoire welcomed as a new member of the Moisson Montréal Ambassadors Club


On November 28, 2016, the food bank of Montreal – Moisson Montréal – held its Annual Recognition Evening to honor the commitment and generosity of its volunteers and partners. Benjamin Desmarais, President of Fibrenoire and Pierre-Luc Charbonneau, Director of Engineering and Special Projects at Fibrenoire, were honored with the title of "Champions in Business - Donations in Goods and Services" at this event.


Fibrenoire is delighted to become a member of the Moisson Montréal Ambassadors Club and is proud to have contributed to the mission of Moisson Montréal.


The non-profit organization gathers food donations and basic products free of charge all year long and distributes them to more than 250 community organizations on the Island of Montreal. Throughout the year, the organization collects more than 14 million kilograms of food helping 137,000 people satiate their hunger, including nearly 35,000 children.


In order to keep increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of food distributed, Moisson Montréal is continually looking to optimize and expand its operations. Fibrenoire was able to contribute to the development of Moisson Montréal’s telecommunications infrastructure. The organization was in need of an improved infrastructure and needed partners to accompany it through its migration towards the cloud.


The Fibrenoire team, in partnership with OVH and Linkbynet, was able to set up an ambitious and charitable project to provide Moisson Montréal with an efficient infrastructure. The organization went from a structure with a few obsolete servers to a proper telecommunications infrastructure in full diversity set up and supported by Fibrenoire. This infrastructure also accesses OVH servers in the cloud, which was fully migrated and supported by Linkbynet.


Thanks to the new technologies implemented, Moisson Montréal was able to continue developing its operations and launch its meat recuperation program in partnership with Montreal's grocery stores. Given that the “meat” category accounts for only 1% of the total food product distributed to people receiving food support, this project had a significant impact and allowed about 8,000 kilograms of meat to be collected per participating grocery each month.


Our mission at Fibrenoire is "to increase the performance of companies by optimizing their telecommunications infrastructures". We are proud of our contribution which has helped Moisson Montréal focus on satiating the hunger of hundreds of thousands of people in Quebec.


The holiday season is a good time for giving, but food banks in Quebec need support all year round. If you would like to make a donation or get involved by volunteering your time, please visit the Moisson Montréal website at


Thank you to all our partners and customers. It is your collaboration and loyalty that allowed Fibrenoire to support the mission of Moisson Montréal.


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