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Why has the amount of fibre optic cuts increased lately?


Dear customers,

We at Fibrenoire do not like to give excuses and always assume responsibility for our network outages. However, we would still like to provide you with an explanation as to why we've encountered multiple outages over the past months on our Montreal metro network.

As you may have noticed this year, the City of Montreal is experiencing exceptional and constant growth of construction sites (,79001583&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL), which is unfortunately increasing the risk of fibre cuts significantly. This affects both our customers and our business operations. Rest assured that we take every possible measure to make sure these unforeseeable events are resolved with minimal impact to your business.

All telecommunication companies operating in Montreal unfortunately share this reality. We are constantly in touch with the concerned authorities (CSEM - Commission des Services Électriques de Montréal, Hydro-Québec, Info-Travaux, etc.). Moreover, in order to serve our customers to the best of our abilities and stand out from the crowd, we concentrate our efforts in repairing these cuts as quickly as possible. In the same manner, we make it our duty to be as transparent as possible with our communication of the situation at hand through our Twitter account (@fibrenoire) and provide the most accurate ETR.

Our team is always available to work on building alternative solutions with you to increase service availability. We have multiple diversity solutions, over diverse fibre connections or LTE mobile networks to protect your business operations. Additionally, due to our new partnership with Videotron, we have access to a complete diverse fibre asset, which enables us to build redundant network solutions at an advantageous cost; a unique offer we bring to the market. Our customers who currently take advantage of this diversity do not undergo the consequences of these unfortunate fibre cuts.


You are at the centre of our priorities and we are very thankful for your patience with us in these situations. We can never get enough of your highly appreciated comments, which are always taken into consideration in order to further evolve our offering and to deliver a more optimized customer experience. If you have any ideas, recommendations, remarks, or comments, please do share them with us!

The Fibrenoire Team

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