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Private fibre optic network services.

Multisite, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint private networks allow companies to communicate between their different geographic sites on secure, dedicated and private networks.

Private network services:

  • Ethernet (EPL/EVPL) Services.
  • Fully managed private IP MPLS (IP VPN, IP MPLS);
  • Wavelength Services;

Private fibre optic networks connect different business sites and allow your applications to communicate transparently on the network. Scalable and flexible, fibre optic-managed IP MPLS private networks facilitate expanding local networks, centralizing databases, grouping servers together and operating applications in real time, including audio and video, as well as storing data remotely. Quality of Service (QoS) is provided on demand and adapted to your needs, with no intervention.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (EPL / EVPL)

The EVPL allows extension of the client’s LAN (LANex), which benefits from the advanced functionalities of Fibrenoire’ IP MPLS Internet backbone.

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Fully managed IP VPN & IP MPLS private networks 

FIbrenoire’s fully managed IP MPLS private network with QoS offers the possibility of connecting all the company’s sites to a single IP network.

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Our Wavelength Services

Due to our interconnections with several TIER 1 global networks, Fibrenoire can provide IP transport to any world destination. 

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